The Reuben Simanu Interview

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The Reuben Simanu Interview:

Holder of the all time biggest Bench Press in New Zealand 280kg!

Age: 33
Bodyweight: 152kg
Height: 1.88cm
Best Squat: 320kg
Best Bench: 280kg
Best Bench without a shirt(raw): 265kg
Best Deadlift: 285kg
Best Total: 882.5kgGS: Reuben could you give the readers a little background about your life?


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Interview with: Simon Thomas Tasman Makos Air New Zealand Cup & Tasman Rugby Academy

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Name: Simon Thomas (Simon15)

 Strength & Conditioning Coach

 Tasman Makos Air New Zealand Cup & Tasman Rugby Academy

Greatest achievements as a trainer: Being offered the role with the Makos for Air NZ Cup 2009

Years in the Industry: In 1st year of Air NZ Cup, 1 Year with Academy, 2 Years with Junior Academy, 3 ½ Years as a student completed June 2008.

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Platinum Member – Aaron Kellett Sports Scientist – Strength & Conditioning Coach Cricket Australia – Centre of Excellence

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Name:  Aaron Kellett

Profession : Sports Scientist – Strength & Conditioning Coach

Team:  Cricket Australia – Centre of Excellence

Greatest achievements as a trainer:
The friendships I have maintained with people I have worked with in sport
My favorite memory so far would be from the AFL, seeing the boys from the Western Bulldogs win their first finals game in 2006 in front of 84,000 spectators after finishing outside the Top 8 for the previous 6 years.

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Part 1 of the interview series-by John Rahme

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Luke Borreggine
Part 1 of the interview series-by John Rahme

Monday night brought upon a restless and sleepless night, pondering about what to ask? How to ask it? And, unsure of the reaction I might get. I drive through morning peak hour Sydney traffic early Tuesday morning nervously hoping I will not be late to a meeting with someone I regard as the greats of sports coaching and in the game of lifting.

I arrive with ten minutes to spare, wanting to get comfortable revise my questions and get my thinking in order. I order a coffee, turn around and if I was under any misconception that I was getting in early to prepare for Luke, I was wrong. Luke, like the interview will show was there, early and more than prepared, as so has been his life. It was he that took control and he who ran the show. It was Luke’s way, and what a way it is. Hold on, brace yourself and Welcome to the world of Luke borreggine.

Born 1st June 1961, same day as Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn got the good looks, Luke got the brains. A young Borreggine is at school playing his school basketball and is looking for a way to improve him in the sport. A friend of his suggests weightlifting. At the time there were about 5 to 8 kids at the school throwing weights around and they also looked big, strong and good. This appeals to Luke and he makes his mind up. To the gym it is. The gym he decides to head to be Burwood PCYC.


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