New Deadlifting Shoes

Pre-Order your Getstrength Deadlift Shoes and SAVE $20.00 (must be ordered by the 19th November, Limited Stock)Colour: RedSole: 3 mm - Ideal for competitive DeadliftsGetstrength Soft Sole Powerlifting Shoe. Suede leather upper with…

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How To Take Care And Maintain Your Eleiko Products

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Proper Care, Usage and Maintenance of Eleiko Products: 

So that your bars, barbells, discs and other Eleiko equipment last as long as possible, you are advised to maintain your Eleiko products in accordance with the following usage/ maintenance guidelines:

Eleiko Barbells:
• An Eleiko bar must only be dropped on an Eleiko weightlifting platform or an equivalent platform, and be loaded with Eleiko discs or equivalent. Never drop an Eleiko bar on a hard surface, such as concrete, asphalt or the like.

• The Eleiko bar must never be left after use loaded with weights, on a rack or similar device. This could eventually cause the bar to bend and would result in exclusion from the limited warranty outlined above.


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