Week 2 – Power & Speed Program In Season

Power & Speed Program In Season Ashley Jones 2 sessions per week First Session (usually Monday or Tuesday) Warm up for 15 minutes with a range of movement drills and gradual increase in speed till you are at around 85% of top speed and are ready to go, say high knees, carioca, marching drills. You [More Info]


Squat day change of 2nd Squatting movement  Front squat There are many different ways to hold the bar, very good if you can get your elbows high enough to hold the bar in a Olympic clean position (across the front delt’s close to the throat). If not, like me that’s not an option. All good [More Info]

How to Jump Higher to Dunk 2018

  Jump Progressions Ashley Jones We use a lot of jumping movements in our programs. Usually as a contrast with our power and strength movements. Reading through archived articles of Louie Simmons I found some gems that I think have really added to our programs. The knees to feet jumps have been a great way [More Info]

Interval Training For Fitness/Fat Loss

Ashley Jones Fitness Trainer  Crusaders – Super Rugby “Interval Training For Fitness/Fat Loss” Whether it be inside the gym on the various pieces of computerised exercise equipment or outside in God’s gym the principles are the same. A greater intensity of effort can be applied during intermittent exercise protocols than can be maintained during a [More Info]

Ideas for Off Season Training – Ashley Jones

Author Ashley Jones After 15 off seasons in preparing players for the rigours of professional team sports competition, I would like to suggest a few ideas that may spark ideas for you to optimize the quality and quantity of your program for you and the players entrusted to you. I think that you need to [More Info]

Wave Goodbye to Strength Plateaus By Ashley Jones

Firstly let me start this article with a statement of philosophy, I believe we try and include way too many exercises in our training programs, I have been as guilty as the next trainer in doing this and believe we need to pull back but also increase the stimulus by increasing the overall number of [More Info]