GS Front Squat and Zercher Harness – Large

Est. Delivery Date August 29, 2019


The GS Front Squat Harness is the original World leading Harness, beware of imitations.

We have taken the top selling New Generation Front Squat Harness to a new level in extreme strength training. Not only can you Front Squat up to 1000 lbs but how about hitting the Zercher lift big time without the arm pain?

Lifetime warranty on steel frame! Does not include wear and tear and foam damage.

Tested -1000+ lbs
Steel frame – 8mm
Weight – 8 kg
Padding – 25mm
Steel pins – 16 mm x 6

Large Harness – Greater than 116 cm (46 inches) Chest
Medium Harness – Up to 116 cm (46 inches) Chest

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Develop powerful quadraceps and core strength, without failing from not being able to hold the bar. Train the front squat and Zercher movement to the maximum potential with the GetStrength New Generation Boss Zercher Harness

4 Reasons why you must Front Squat…

The ultimate exercise for posterior chain and quad development.
The Front Squat teaches muscle awareness.
Huge upperback development
Gains in flexability and mobility

Why The Getstrength Front Squat Zercher Harness…

Build explosive power without the fear of dropping the bar
The Getstrength Harness is incredibility stable on the shoulders
All safety measures have been taken with this device to keep the athlete on top of their game
Front Squat comfort is paramount

What the experts say:

“Very tough on rugby players to front squat with various injuries that is why the front squat harness is fantastic for them”

Ashley Jones Head Strength Coach Crusaders Super Rugby

Getstrength’s Front Squat Harness allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of Front Squatting
Tony Boutagy, Boutagy Fitness Institute, Australia

Hey Steve, Rave reviews from my guys on the Front Squat Harness!!! All issues in performing the front squat are resolved with the harness.
A great device!! Thanks a million”
Dale Spitzer Ft. Defiance, VA United States

“Today after 28 months of no squating after dislocating my shoulders, I finally squated my body weight again, small steps but with your help I think I’m heading in the right direction, I am making huge gains with my front squat harness too. I like the way I can keep my shoulders locked in tight and stable the whole way through the exercise. Thank you so much.”
Louise Corcoran NZ Skeleton Racer. Olympic Athlete. Kiwi. Skeleton Slider.

“David Stagg, who holds our club tackling record. As he only weighs 97 kg and has great endurance, he has to do plenty of tackling (ie. the bigger blokes run at him and he keeps aiming up at them every single time). From this heavy collision-oriented workload, he can get niggling shoulder injuries that detract from his full range of motion in some weeks. In this instance, he cannot actually get his right arm up to do a full back or front squat ~ but he is still doing his full squat training using the Front Squat harness from GetStrength. So he holds the harness at chest level with his right hand and takes the usual front squat (clean grip) with his left and starts knocking out multiple sets of 10 reps.
Dr. Daniel Baker, Strength Coach, Brisbance Broncos Rugby League Club Australia

Hi Steve, Just wanted to say thanks again. Zercher harness has arrived. The medium harness is a solid fit – have had a play and can already see that this new toy will cause some serious destruction. Well built to getstrength again, Take care”
Scott Little Senior Educator

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