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(New Compact Design)

The GS Front Squat Harness All Sport Large is aimed at athletes over 100kg (220lbs),

The GS Front Squat Harness All Sport is developed to cater for a wide range of athletes, allowing all athletes to have the ability to front squat without discomfort.

Although the GS Front Squat Harness All Sport is lighter and smaller, it is still built the GS way, incredibly strong! The GS Front Squat Harness All Sport will fold to fit nicely in your gym bag.

“In summary, you just can’t cheat with the new Front Squat  Harness All Sport. Correct Technique is paramount!

 Steve Thompson ……. Read Full Article

Steel Thickness 5mm

Robust finish

25mm Close-cell foam

Warranty: Silver Lion

4 Reasons why you must Front Squat…

  • The ultimate exercise for posterior chain and quad development.
  • The Front Squat teaches muscle awareness.
  • Huge upperback development
  • Gains in flexability and mobility

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Check out the review the New Getstrength All-Sport Compact Harness just got for our customer Julio G.

This will force you to get stronger……..
Compared to the standard front squat harness, it is not for the weak. The standard offers a few options so that one can progress up the difficulty ladder. The compact version offers only one, but the advantages far and above outweigh that issue. The compact version is easy to carry and transport to any gym where you are going to work out.
It fits comfortably and easy to adjust for any lifter. Padding is great. Construction quality is awesome It will allow only a high position for the bar. That makes it tough on those that do not have a strong core and are able to handle that position. Of well little man, get stronger I guess if you want to use it. I could not lug my standard version everywhere so I left it at the gym where I most often train where I could trust it would not be stolen. With my new compact unit, I take it whenever I am going to work my legs and people come up and ask what is that and where can I get one.
Once again the fellas at Get Strength have a winner. Rush to get yours today
Julio G.

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Are there any Disadvantages to the Front Squat Harness All Sport (compact)


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