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GS Safety Squat Bar Thick Plate Option – (Lifter Series)


Individually handcrafted and made to order in NZ
May take up to 4-6 weeks for delivery
Shipped direct from Getstrength manufacturer

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New Safety Squat Bar design. 

This bar has been designed to accommodate thick bounce Plates or Crossfit Plates.  We have built this bar with extra long sleeves 430mm, plus in addition to the long sleeves we have added length to the yoke 400mm, to cater for a larger variety of body types.

Safety Squat Bar Comparisons

Getstrength Manufactured GS Safety Squat Bar

This Safety Squat bar will fit all Olympic Plates but please use compression collars. (Collars not included)

Build strong posterior chain!

The bar weight is set forward of your centre of gravity, unlike conventional bars.This bar is great for max effort good morning or Squat. A must for all serious gyms and athletes.

Weight Limit – NO Limit

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-Stance Warrow/Wide
Regular Squat
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-Suspended Chain Goodmornings
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Zercher Squats
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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hamish (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this bar for about a month now. These bars are made to order and it is worth the wait. The build is solid and the welds are smooth so there are no snagging points. The length of the sleeves hold plenty of plates. I’ve had 210kg on this bar with no problems at all and there is room for more. With the camber of the bar forward it helps reinforce proper form and for me at least I can’t squat as much with this bar as I would with a straight bar so there is room for growth. There are huge carryover benefits with squatting with a SSB and the main reason I brought this bar was to help alleviate elbow pain from squatting heavy with a straight bar and also to use for box squats. The handles are longer which helps me settle into a solid position. I’ve brought a bit of gear from Get Strength. They keep you up to date during the manufacturing process and Steve is easy to communicate with if you are impatient like me. Definitely recommend.