Olympic Bar to Cambered Bar Converter Orignal

$ 249.99 $ 129.99

Individually handcrafted and made to order in NZ
May take up to 4-6 weeks for delivery


New Zealand Made

Sold as a pair
Colour Black

WEIGHT LIMIT 220kg (485lbs)

Steel Olympic Collar
12mm Steel plate
320mm SleeveĀ 

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Easily converts a standard Olympic Bar to a Cambered Bar and back again in seconds, with no tools required.

It will fit on any Olympic Bar in your gym.

Easily stored when not in use.

So versatile, simple as changing a collar. Making it supremely easy to change during training.

  • Great for developing a new range of motion though major compound movements.
  • Relieves stress from the shoulders and upper back, while building lower back, hamstring and glute strength..
  • Also fantastic for core stability and performing a low box squat and Goodmornings

Cambered Bar – My personal favouriteĀ 

Posted by Ashley Jones


Cambered Bar – My personal favourite, great for removing the stress off of the shoulders, a small amount of swing in the bar ensures that you
really have to stay in a rock solid position, an increase in loading for the lower back but this is a benefit, great to do Simmons Good Mornings with
as well. Also a great variation of overhead pressing with the bar
as well.

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Weight7 kg