Off-Season and Pre-Season Structure

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    i am wondering how to increase SAQ most significantly for my athletes in preperation for next season. We are one week into a 5 week break and then into a 9 week pre-season.

    My dilemma is how to periodise the whole preseason(and break if needs be) to maximise speed and agility above all other things for next season.

    In have been thinking about putting some solid time into plyos and technique but wonder where it shoukd fit in with the training cycles aimed at max strenght, anaerobic etc taht bring real DOMs not condusive with feeling good for speed

    Any thoughts?


    Well I would prioritise the speed work over all other aspects of
    training, so this being the case, 2 sessions for forwards and 3 sessions
    for backs should be correct, I usually do speed work first then strength
    power work immediately after that. I would do a 3 week up 1 week down
    loading cycle, doing just 1 speed session in the down week:

    Monday: speed/strength or power (lower body only or full body)

    Tuesday: upper body conditioning

    Wednesday: speed/strength or power (lower body only or full body)

    Thursday: conditioning

    Friday: speed or Anaerobic Games/strength or power(lower body only or
    full body)

    If you are doing 3 full body strength sessions you can do them
    immediately after the speed work or if you are on a split program do the
    lower body post speed and then the upper body work the next day when you
    do some conditioning work, or we often do an anaerobic/conditioning
    games sessions each week that combines conditionig work with a lot of
    agility/change of direction work so that is often an extra speed
    session, hope this starts you thinking in a direction that can get the
    results you require, ash


    thanks for that info ash. Just another quick question,
    If my backs are doing three speed sessions a week could you give me a little insight into how you might split those or do all your speed session follow a similar pattern?


    I would change up each session possibly organise one each with a
    specific emphasis for example, acceleration/power, maximal velocity,
    footwork/agility but still do something for all 3 elements within each
    session, cheers,ash


    Hey Guys,

    I had been out of the game for almost 2 years because of work. This year I’m back and travelling for an hour only once a week for club training, still work full time and sometimes feel a bit tired.
    I have been doing conditioning training for a while, most of it Cross Training, 2 times per week (some weights and a lot of running). I feel that I have improved a lot, but still not there with the fitness and strength level as I would like.

    Please help me with one more day of training or maybe change the 2 Cross Fit days for something else and still stay fresh for game day on Saturday. I’m 28 years, play centre/wing and weight 91 KG. Also have a few week ends off from games.

    I hope you can help me with this and also think that it would benefit a lot of Amateur player-full time workers, who are still trying to cope work and training.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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