What do I need? Weightlifting Belt or Powerlifting Belt

The most common questions we have in the Getstrength store with regards to weight training belts are “Do i need a Weightlifting Belt or Powerlifting Belt?” and “what is the difference?” ……. Lets start with by explaining the difference:   As you see in the picture above, the main difference is the tongue, the tongue on the Powerlifting Belt […]


Using all Three of the Competitive Weight Training Techniques Rugby-Training System

By Ashley Jones Have you wondered like I have if you can combine all the elements you love into one integrated training system. Yes, I think you can. I believe that each of the above lend themselves ideally to a prioritisation system throughout the year, I do not believe that you should drop off one […]


How to Jump Higher to Dunk 2018

  Jump Progressions Ashley Jones We use a lot of jumping movements in our programs. Usually as a contrast with our power and strength movements. Reading through archived articles of Louie Simmons I found some gems that I think have really added to our programs. The knees to feet jumps have been a great way […]

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