Can You Run and Build Muscle at the Same Time?

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This is a question that plagues many athletes. Many people assume that running and weightlifting don’t work well together. If done right, these two sports in conjunction can help you achieve your fitness goals. Read on to learn more about running and building muscle simultaneously. The Short Answer: Yes You can absolutely run while gaining [More Info]

How to Increase Endurance if You’re Lifting Weights

Lifting weights helps you build your muscle strength, but if you want that strength to be beneficial in some other activities as well, such as group sports or running everyday errands, you have to build your endurance too. Your stamina plays a significant role in your overall fitness level and performance and to be able [More Info]

Thoughts to fail our minds

Do you have any questions or need support? John is happy to help, please visit his site for more information. Website: neptune or Email: × Dismiss alert I must open up this piece of writing with a statement to let you the reader know of my academical status and also make you aware of [More Info]

Tokyo Training – Ricoh Rugby

Ashley Jones   I was recently in Tokyo and was able to spend time with a colleague and friend Andrew Jackson, formerly of Christchurch, but now Head strength and conditioning coach of Ricoh rugby club, based in Setagaya, Tokyo. Ricoh is one of the 14 teams that make up the Top League competition within the [More Info]

20 minutes to save a life By John Rahme

“If you had a patient that was ill, and there was a pill which they could take, which would in return save their life. But they had to take that pill and stand still there for 20 minutes a day. Would you expect them to do that?” the doctor replied yes to my question. “What [More Info]