Optimizing the development of muscle power and strength

Optimizing the development of muscle power and strength Matt Hunt, a writer for ProteinPromo. There are a vast number of reasons as to why any of us train. I know that for most of us, we train to see changes in our body. We work towards increasing our muscle mass, reducing our fat mass, and [More Info]

Using all Three of the Competitive Weight Training Techniques Rugby-Training System

By Ashley Jones Have you wondered like I have if you can combine all the elements you love into one integrated training system. Yes, I think you can. I believe that each of the above lend themselves ideally to a prioritisation system throughout the year, I do not believe that you should drop off one [More Info]

How to Jump Higher to Dunk 2018

  Jump Progressions Ashley Jones We use a lot of jumping movements in our programs. Usually as a contrast with our power and strength movements. Reading through archived articles of Louie Simmons I found some gems that I think have really added to our programs. The knees to feet jumps have been a great way [More Info]

Understanding Steroid Addiction: Why Gym-Goers Are At-Risk

Anabolic steroid abuse isn’t just a problem among athletes going for the gold. An increasing number of male gym-goers are using these performance-enhancing drugs to improve muscle growth, build strength, and feel younger. Sounds like a good deal, right? Unfortunately, while steroids make big promises, they also come with big health risks, including the risk [More Info]


Many years ago, I read a book and in this book, was a chapter on Henry Ford. The chapter gave a very detailed description of Henry Ford’s life achievements and character. The story takes us into a courtroom where Henry Ford was suing a journalist whom he believed defamed him. The journalist basically claimed and [More Info]