How to use Lifting Straps

There are several types of lifting straps and hooks available to lifters these days in New Zealand

Standard Single Loop Straps ( Long Strap), Figure 8, Lifting Hooks, Wrist Wrap and Strap

I am going to explain how and why to use our most popular selling lifting Strap, the “Standard Single Loop Straps ( Long Strap)”

The “why” is relatively simple yet can be argued for and against. The simple reason is with most athletes, your grip gives out before any other muscle groups, therefore, these muscles go under-trained and under-developed.

The lifter should never rely solely on lifting straps, they should only be used in overloading movements, i.e High Pulls, Bent Over Rows, Rack Pulls/Deadlift, Lat Pull Pulldowns etc. The other reason could be injury related

The grip should not be neglected, it needs to be strong for overall development, “you are only as strong as your weakest point”

Example of when to use Lifting Straps: You have just completed a gruelling 8 sets of 3 in the deadlift no straps, your grip is getting tired but you back needs more work. You then move on to 4 sets of 2 in high pulls from the floor, this would be a perfect scenario for straps, this means you can still keep working your back without grip failure.

We prefer Standard Single Loop Straps ( Long Strap) because unlike other straps and hooks you can ratchet the straps tighter with one hand re video below. This helps keep the upper body tight as you would be without the straps With the hooks and Figure 8 the weight just hangs from your hands. (this is only my opinion .)

lifting straps

The lifting strap only goes one way on your hands, re picture abolifting strapsve

The strap should could come out directly from your palm.

lifting straps

The strap in then wrapped around the bar from under to over.

lifting straps
The strap only needs to go around the bar once, this needs to be done with one hand. So you can do the next hand the same way.

lifting straps
You can then ratchet the strap tighter, once again only using one hand.

Lifting straps take a while to get used to and you will need the practice to be able to this with one hand, but once you master it this will be like second nature to you and you will never use another style of strap.

The straps can be bought online from Getstrength Store here GS Lifting Straps

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Below is a video of the straps being set

Steve Thompson

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