What Squat Shoes should I wear?

Running shoes Advantages In my opinion, there is no advantage at all to squatting in running shoes.They are designed to absorb shock and cushion the foot against impact. From a back squatting point of view, the last thing we need to be doing is compressing the shoe instead of driving up. Robbing us of that [More Info]

What Deadlifting Shoes Should I Wear and Why?

What Deadlifting Shoes Should I Wear and Why? Flat sole (chucks) – molded sole flat shoes,  solid heel weightlifting shoes or running shoes? Running shoes are just that running shoes, designed to cushion your feet against impact with soles that compress and spring back, all things a powerlifter doesn’t want. This will rob the lifter [More Info]

Wrist Wraps – What is a thumb loop?

Hi Team, I get asked a lot about the thumb loop on the Getstrength Wrist Wraps, so I thought it may make for a interesting article for the “How to and Why” section on Getstrength.com “What is the idea behind thumb loop on the wrist wrap and do I have to use it?” Seems simple right……  Well its definitely [More Info]

How to use the Front Squat Harness All-Sport Correctly

In my last article “Are there any disadvantages to the Front Squat Harness All Sport (compact), other than not being able to do Zercher Squats”  I touched on how to use the new Getstrength Front Squat Harness All-Sport. In this article, I would like to go into more detail on technique with the Harness. Now the new [More Info]

Why you need Weightlifting Shoes!

Hi Getstrength, I would like to ask a couple of questions. Why do i need Weightlifting Shoes and what is the difference between the Weightlifting shoes you sell and the Lifting Shoes? Hey, great questions! Why do I need Weightlifting Shoes? Let start by explaining why you need Weightlifting Shoes and not sneakers. We are [More Info]

What is the difference between the normal standard Wrist Wraps and the new GS Power Wraps?

Hi, What is the difference between the normal standard Wrist Wraps and the new GS Power Wraps you guys are now selling? How do I use the new GS Power Wrap? Thanks very much for the questions. The biggest difference is the material the GS wrist wraps/supports are made from. The normal GS standard Wrist Wraps are [More Info]

How to Measure the Resistance of Strength Bands

Hi Getstrength, I am a personal trainer and really like using the strength bands with my clients, they are just so versatile. The only problem is, how do I know the resistance level of each band? i.e If I have a client doing assisted pull ups, how do I know how many kgs of assistance [More Info]

Lifting Hooks have their place in your gym bag

Why would i want Lifting Hooks in my gym bag, isn’t using steel lifting hooks just a cop out? Thanks for the email. Once upon a time I would have completely agreed with you, but lately I have come to the realisation that just about every training aid serves a purpose and there are arguments [More Info]

Why Should I use Knee Sleeves

I had an email today from a customer, they were asking the question ” Why should I use Knee Sleeves?” I have compiled a list of 20 reasons why you should train with knee sleeves. I would like to thank all the Getstrength Facebook page fans in help with creating this list. Regards Steve Thompson [More Info]

How to use Knee Sleeves

Hi team, Quick post on another common question. How to use Knee Sleeves and what is the difference between Knee Sleeves and Knee Wraps? Thank you for the question, we get asked this question a lot. I will start by explaining the difference between Knee Sleeves and Knee Wraps, the Knee Wrap is a 2 meter [More Info]

How to use Knee Wraps

This how to and why article and video is on “How To Use Knee Wraps For Effectiveness and Safety During Squatting.” Coming from a NZ Powerlifting background, I have wrapped my own knees and other people’s knees a few thousand times. It becomes second nature after a while, but looking around you will find most people wrap [More Info]

How to use Lifting Straps

There are several types of lifting straps and hooks available to lifters these days in New Zealand Standard Single Loop Straps ( Long Strap), Figure 8, Lifting Hooks, Wrist Wrap and Strap I am going to explain how and why to use our most popular selling lifting Strap, the “Standard Single Loop Straps ( Long Strap)” The [More Info]