Why Should I use Knee Sleeves

I had an email today from a customer, they were asking the question ” Why should I use Knee Sleeves?” I have compiled a list of 20 reasons why you should train with knee sleeves.

I would like to thank all the Getstrength Facebook page fans in help with creating this list. Regards Steve Thompson



Knee Sleeves NZ

      1. Knee Sleeves can help prevent injury
      2. Gives your Knees support during exercise.
      3. Knee Sleeves use compression to increases blood flow.
      4. Knee Sleeves can help reduce pain in the knees.
      5. Will limit the patella movement.
      6. Perfect tool to help protect the Knee Joint during plyometrics and ballistic movements.
      7. Can be pulled down to cover your small calves why you are walking around the gym in shorts
      8. With the Getstrength 7mm Neoprene Knee Sleeve  you will increase your squat. (This is the best one)
      9. Knee Sleeves will help keep the Knee Joint warm during exercise.
      10. Can be worn after training to aid in recovery (through compression and heat)
      11. Will make you look like a serious athlete.
      12. Protecting the knee joint of the trailing leg from floor impact on lunges or split squats. (David Astley)
      13. Protecting the knee while securing wood on a saw horse/ working on hands and knees for extended periods of time. (David Astley)
      14. They’re amazingly high fashion statement leg warmers (David Astley)
      15. Help stop scraping and skinning knees while doing dragging/pulling events in Strongman comp. (Dominic Cadden)
      16. Heighten awareness of legs to increase leg drive in bench press.(Dominic Cadden)
      17. Tight knee sleeves will give me some extra ‘pop’ out of the hole for competitions (Kenneth McLean)
      18. “Being an older (53 years old) long time lifter (38 years under the bar), and with an arthritic right knee I find the knee sleeves allow me to maintain the warmth in my knees in any environment, especially Christchurch in winter, they also add support and comfort when lifting, and basically allow me to keep going” (Ashley Jones)
      19. Limit the potential for bloody shins when doing box jumps. (Josh Schoombie)
      20. Added support for any athlete that may already have arthritis! (Jacquie Bird)

If you are interested in investing in a pair of Knee Sleeves please read my article

How to use Knee Sleeves


Steve Thompson

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