Why I need Elbow Sleeves!

The biggest issue holding you back in strength training can be your joints.

Just a little heads up, the stronger you get the more stress you put on your joints, with most people starting out your muscles get a lot stronger than your ligaments do at the start.

Ligament strength can be more of a time served requirement.

With that said, keep your knees and elbows warm at all times during training.

Heat and support will increase blood flow and in return aid in protection and recovery. 

We have hunted high and low to find the best Knee and Elbow Sleeves on the market at the best price. 

Hope this helps, I can not stress enough the importance of neoprene sleeves in your training. 

Getstrength Gym manager John Strachan, Top NZ and International Powerlifter, benching 140kg x 5 @74kg.

John is using the new Getstrength Lifter Series Elbow Sleeves NZ,

The Lifter Series Elbow Sleeves NZ by Getstrength are made from 5 mm industrial strength neoprene.

The Lifter Series Elbow Sleeves provides compression around the elbow joint which will help support the elbows during vigorous exercise

The Lifter Series Elbow Sleeves will create warmth in the joint, increasing blood flow and works as an injury prevention aid.

The sleeves come with a built-in air vent to help with sweat reduction.

If you are after tight competition fit, order one size smaller than the recommended size chart below.

The elbow sleeves can also be used as a training aid during rehabilitation.

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