Wrist Wraps – What is a thumb loop?

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I get asked a lot about the thumb loop on the Wrist Wraps, so I thought it may make for a interesting article for the “How to and Why” section on Getstrength.com

“What is the idea behind thumb loop on the wrist wrap and do I have to use it?”

Seems simple right……  Well its definitely up to the individual.

Getstrength Wrist Wraps

The thumb loop on the wrist wrap can be used to help adjust the tension of the wrist wrap depending on the individual athlete’s requirements but by no means is it crucial, most athletes will remove the loop over the thumb once the Wrist Wrap is tight. This process can be a little tricky depending on how tight your wrap is.

There are two other options with the wrap : Both options do not require the loop to be removed from the thumb prior to lifting.

1, No thumb loop used: This option is great for a quick wrap, not so good for a very tight wrap. (See below)


2, Holding the thumb loop: By far my favorite way of wrapping the wrist, quick, no mucking around once the wrap is tight (you do not need to fluff around trying to get the loop off your thumb), and you can get plenty of tension on the wrap. (See below)


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