Optimizing the development of muscle power and strength

Optimizing the development of muscle power and strength Matt Hunt, a writer for ProteinPromo. There are a vast number of reasons as to why any of us train. I know that for most of us, we train to see changes in our body. We work towards increasing our muscle mass, reducing our fat mass, and [More Info]

Using all Three of the Competitive Weight Training Techniques Rugby-Training System

By Ashley Jones Have you wondered like I have if you can combine all the elements you love into one integrated training system. Yes, I think you can. I believe that each of the above lend themselves ideally to a prioritisation system throughout the year, I do not believe that you should drop off one [More Info]

What’s More Important for Weight Loss, Diet or Exercise?

When you set your goal to lose weight fast, you need to know the importance of Diet vrs Exercise. So what’s more important for weight loss, diet or exercise?  This is the million dollar question. This is a question Personal Trainers get all the time, it’s not as simple as saying diet is more important [More Info]

How to Jump Higher to Dunk 2018

  Jump Progressions Ashley Jones We use a lot of jumping movements in our programs. Usually as a contrast with our power and strength movements. Reading through archived articles of Louie Simmons I found some gems that I think have really added to our programs. The knees to feet jumps have been a great way [More Info]

Understanding Steroid Addiction: Why Gym-Goers Are At-Risk

Anabolic steroid abuse isn’t just a problem among athletes going for the gold. An increasing number of male gym-goers are using these performance-enhancing drugs to improve muscle growth, build strength, and feel younger. Sounds like a good deal, right? Unfortunately, while steroids make big promises, they also come with big health risks, including the risk [More Info]


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