Hi, What is the difference between the normal standard Wrist Wraps and the new GS Power Wraps you guys are now selling? How do I use the new GS Power Wrap?

Thanks very much for the questions. The biggest difference is the material the GS wrist wraps/supports are made from. The normal GS standard Wrist Wraps are manufactured from elasticated webbing of various densities, whereas the GS Power Wraps are made from a light, non-stretch nylon fabric.

wrists wraps vrs power wraps

The other point of difference is how the wraps are used. The GS wrist wraps/supports are pulled under adjustable pressure, and fixed with velcro. The GS Power Wraps have a light nylon thread with a twist to tighten for support or release. See below pictures:

Wrist Wraps

Above: Wrist Wraps


Above: Power Wraps

To elaborate on the above statement GS Power Wraps have a light nylon thread with a twist to tighten for support or release …This is a very neat feature, it means during the workout you do not need to remove your GS Power Wraps as you would normally have to with standard wrist wraps.

Standard wrist wraps you pull tight before each set and then remove the wraps completely after the set to have the blood flow back into your hands.

With the GS Power Wraps they stay on the wrist and prior to the set/exercise that needs wrist support you simply twist to tighten and twist back to loosen. See video below:


wrist wraps


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