How to Measure the Resistance of Strength Bands

Hi Getstrength, I am a personal trainer and really like using the strength bands with my clients, they are just so versatile. The only problem is, how do I know the resistance level of each band? i.e If I have a client doing assisted pull ups, how do I know how many kgs of assistance is being applied at the bottom?

Hey, thanks very much for the email. This is a great question, we get asked this a lot.


It is very tricky to answer because there are so many variables, for an example, how you set the band up, age of the band, limb and body length of client/athlete etc

The best way we have found to achieve some sort of measurable result is to use a pair of fish weighing scales. The trainer needs to perform this activity as they have all the variables at hand. (Not by the company selling or manufacturing the bands).

This is the only way to get an accurate result. The trainer can set the band up how they like and can replicate the set up each time. You also use the same band the majority of the time, plus you can measure the length of the client’s limbs and body.

I have made a helpful, instructional video on how to do this here.


 Measure the band at full length, (bottom of chin up position)

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Use the fish weighing scales to mark the position on the post and record load or assistance

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Record name and assisted load of the client/athlete on the masking tape. This will help if you are recording and marking a lot of clients/athletes at the same time. Also, a good tip here would be to have levels up the rack, for an example marking 1, could be 10kg of assistance at that point. marking 2,  15kg etc

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If using two bands for the squat or bench, you need to double the load of the band plus add the weight of the Olympic bar, this will give you top weight in the squat or bench.

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We are at Gestrength recommend she following Strength Bands.

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