Lifting Hooks have their place in your gym bag

Why would i want Lifting Hooks in my gym bag, isn’t using steel lifting hooks just a cop out?

Thanks for the email. Once upon a time, I would have completely agreed with you, but lately, I have come to the Lifting Hooksrealisation that just about every training aid serves a purpose and there are arguments that can be made for and against the use of training aids.

We have all heard the argument with regards to grip strength and its importance. “You are only as strong as your weakest point”. Don’t get me wrong, grip strength is very important and never should be neglected, but sometimes grip strength is not as important as muscle overload.

The same reasons for using Lifting Straps apply to lifting hooks, Lifting straps do not suit everybody, lifting straps can be hard to use if you have a small wrists,  injured wrist or fingers etc

The Lifting Hooks  are much easier to use. Basically, it’s a wrist support with a steel hook, no adjustment of the strap against the bar is required. It’s just a matter of hooking on to the bar and you are away laughing.

Getstrength Lifting Hooks NZ

 The Weight Lifting Lifting Hooks are great for overloading muscle groups, ideal for rack deadlifts, Pull Ups, Lat Pulldowns etc

Overloading the upper back is hard to achieve because just about all the exercises are pulling movements and the majority of the time the grip will give out (fail) before the upper back will (Lats, Traps Rhomboids).

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Steve Thompson


Steve Thompson

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