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24/7 Key based membership

Our mission statement is to create and nurture great lifters regardless of ability, age, weight or gender. Promote safe lifting for long, successful careers. And to foster a strong culture of support and comradeship.

Injury free lifting through correct technique and discipline

You are not just joining a Gym, you are joining a club with World class athletes and strength coaches.

We of a lot of emails asking about what exactly a Getstrength gym membership includes, and how it works. So I thought I would put together a FAQ post to answer some of the more asked questions.

1. Q. What are the gyms hours?
A. the gym has a 24 hour key based membership, so you can train when you like.

2. Q. Do I have to be a Powerlifter to join the gym?
A. Definitely not, you don’t have to compete to be a member. An interest in getting fitter and stronger, no matter what level you’re at, is all you need!

3. Q. Can I get some programming assistance with the membership?
A. Yes, we offer programming assistance to all members on signing up at no charge, just contact the gym manager.

4. Q. Can I bring and use chalk?
A. We love chalk! And also provide it, so you can leave yours at home.

5. Q. Are there trainers that can help me with technique?
A. Yeah, we’ve got very experienced trainers at GS with lots of competitions under our belts. Just ask to organize a session.

6. Q. Is there a sign up fee?
A. Normally yes, but we have no joining fee specials regularly. Just email or PM us to see when we have them.

7. Q. Do you offer casuals?
A. Yes, we offer causal sessions for $15 each or $100 for a block of 10 sessions. PM/email us for more details.

8. Q. Do you have an Olympic weightlifting platform and bumpers?
A. Yep, we have an Oly lifting platform and bumpers, along with 60 square meters of other lifting platforms and over 3 tons of weight!

9. Q. Is the gym equipped with Getstengths specialist equipment?
A. It sure is! There’s Over 27 different speciality bars, numerous Front / Zercher Squat Harness, a belt squat machine, reverse hyperextension machines Conan’s wheel and much more!

10. Q. How do I sign up, and can I train straight away?
A. simply fill out our single page membership application at…, And you’re good to go!

If you have any other questions just PM or email us!

John Strachan

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