New Getstrength Sale Consultant


Moana I’d just like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as GetStrength’s new sales representative with a specific focus on CrossFit and Commercial enquires.

I have recently joined the company and completed full orientation of all our products and service standards of which I’m proud to represent. I have always held GetStrength equipment in high regard and aim to provide a convenient service where you and customers alike can enjoy affordable, quality NZ made and imported equipment.

At GetStrength where not only engineers we’re athletes too. That’s why our slogan is “Equipment made by athletes for athletes”. In saying that if you can dream it we can definitely help you achieve it.

I personally have come from a CrossFit and commercial gym background in which I’ve been involved in management, personal training and strength and conditioning. I will be using my experience in these fields to contribute too our range of equipment and help you find what you need to be successful.

As a first step in my customer familiarization process I’d like to give you my contact details so you can contact me directly about any feedback, concerns or queries.

I would also like to take this opportunity to briefly let you let you know about our latest and upcoming products and services;

Eleiko XF Bumper Plates

New Rig Range -with multiple functional attachment options

Gymnastic Grips and Tornado Speed Ropes

Rocktape and Shin Skins

New Logo and Interactive User Friendly Website

As your GetStrength representative I believe that my paramount concern is how both GetStrength and I can better serve you.

I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your company in the near future.


Moana Shepherd

Team Getstrength - Specialised Strength Equipment made for Athletes by Athletes here in New Zealand and supplying the World with the very best! Information you can trust - Team Getstrength has over 60 Years of Strength Training experience.

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