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Break an official Front Squat Harness World Record and become part of the GS Elite.

GS Front Squat Harness World Records Official Board

Front Squat Harness World Record Announcements

All time top 10 Front Squat / Zercher  Harness lifts

1. James Pitbull Searcy  (USA)B/W 339lbs Weight 600 Lbs Date 2/10/2011 video confirmation

2. Dave Napper  (Australia )B/W 261.25 lbs Weight 551.16  lbs Date 21/7/2015  video confirmation

3. Steve Lousich (New Zealand)B/W 242 lbs Weight 507  lbs Date 10/8/2008  video confirmation

4. Steve Kelly (New Zealand)B/W 359lbs Weight 507  lbs Date 31/8/2014  video confirmation

5. Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen (Norway) B/W  230.78 lbs Weight 456.5 lbs Date 18/08/2012 video confirmation

6. Jesse Kellum (USA) B/W 213lbs  Weight 455 lbs Date: 01/05/2012 video video confirmation

7. Ray Owen (Australia) B/W 204lbs  Weight 440.9 lbs Date 18/7/2014  video confirmation

8. Jono Macfarlane (New Zealand) B/W  Weight 440 lbs Date 6/7/2008  video confirmation

9. Steve Kelly (Australia) B/W  216.05 lb Weight 462.97 lbs Date 04/12/2015  video Confirmation

10 Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen (Norway) B/W  228 lbs Weight 424.39 lbs Date 27/07/2012  video Confirmation

When competing for a World Record Front Squat Harness attempt the rules are as follows.

  • You must send in accurate Bodyweight, the lifter must weigh themselves the day of the lift attempt. *Video Confirmation needed.
  • The lifters upper thigh must be below or parallel to the floor.
  • The attempted must be recorded by video and posted on Youtube.com for a Getstrength.com referee verification. The video must be clear and from an angle with no interference.
  • The lifter must attempt the Front Squat Harness World Record with an official Getstrength.com manufactured Harness.
  • The Front Squat Harness World Record attempt has to be a standard front squat, not on to a box or seat.
  • The World Record attempt must be made with a GS New Generation Harness or GS Front Squat Zercher Harness
  • No supportive equipment can be used other than a Power or Weightlifting Belt, Knee Wraps and Wrist Wraps, NO Super Suit or briefs can be used, please email info@getstrength.com if you are unsure first prior to the World Record Front Squat attempt.
  • Getstrength International reserves the right to interpret these rules and, if necessary, to amend the rules at its sole discretion and without notice.
  • Record can be broken with the Front Squat or Zercher Lift

Master 40+: from 1 January in the calendar year he reaches 40 years and throughout the full calendar year in which he reaches 49 years.

Master 50+: from 1 January in the calendar year he reaches 50 years and upwards.

What do i do after the record attempt?

Please send both your photo, video’s and your bio to Getstrength.com. A waist-up photo of you is preferred. For your bio, please include a profile head shot, your age, weight, and height, where you live, what your work and interests are, some information about your training and goals! Email info@getstrength.com

Return your required materials to Getstrength.com within 7 days of your attempt.

Upon receiving your completed paperwork and video’s we will announce our decision on Getstrength.com blog and your name will be added to the exclusive Front Squat Harness World Record Board.

We’ll also announce your accomplishment in the next Getstrength.com Newsletter; and we’ll send you an official World Record Certificate,

Plus a Getstrength VIP Card that gets you 10% off all products online for life at Getstrength.com Store.

All customers of frontsquat.com and Getstrength International accept that they enter into activity with the equipment supplied by frontsquat.com and getstrength.com entirely at their own risk and hold frontsquat.com and getstrength.com personnel or equipment blameless for any damage, or injury to property or person whilst using the frontsquat.com and getstrength.com equipment or information supplied. Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Recommended for all records attempts the Front Squat Zercher Harness

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