Understanding Steroid Addiction: Why Gym-Goers Are At-Risk

Anabolic steroid abuse isn’t just a problem among athletes going for the gold. An increasing number of male gym-goers are using these performance-enhancing drugs to improve muscle growth, build strength, and feel younger. Sounds like a good deal, right? Unfortunately, while steroids make big promises, they also come with big health risks, including the risk [More Info]


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Congratulations to Natalie Jarman for smashing the Masters 40+ Women Under 176lbs Front Squat Harness World Record by Front Squatting 154.32lbs @ BW 143 lbs After viewing the video we can all see there’s plenty left in the tank and I am sure Natalie will be back to break her new World Record really soon. Natalie [More Info]

Taking orders now – Elbow Sleeves NZ

Taking orders now. New stock arriving this week. The Lifter Series Elbow Sleeves NZ by Getstrength are made from 5 mm industrial strength neoprene. The Lifter Series Elbow Sleeves provides compression around the elbow joint which will help support the elbows during vigorous exercise The Lifter Series Elbow Sleeves will create warmth in the joint, [More Info]

Why I need Elbow Sleeves!

The biggest issue holding you back in strength training can be your joints.Just a little heads up, the stronger you get the more stress you put on your joints, with most people starting out your muscles get a lot stronger than your ligaments do at the start.Ligament strength can be more of a time served [More Info]

Open Front Squat Harness World Record Smashed – Kelly Gray

Congratulations to Kelly Gray from Australia for smashing not only the masters 40+ World Record but taking the open World Record as well! Kelly Gray Australia 462.97 lbs Front Squat with the Getstrength Front Squat Harness @ Bodyweight 216.05 lbs  43 years old – weight 97kgs – height 176cm’s – live in Brisbane Australia – [More Info]


Congratulations to Joanne Newman for breaking the Masters 50+ Women Under 80kg Front Squat Harness World Record. I’m sure we will be hearing a lot from Joanne in the future.  Joanne is on a record smashing mission. Joanne Newman details below: My name is Joanne Newman. I was born on the 21st of September 1960 [More Info]

Front Squat Harness All Sport Compact – This will force you to get stronger

Check out the review the New Getstrength All-Sport Compact Harness just got for our customer Julio G. 10/24/15 This will force you to get stronger…….. Compared to the standard front squat harness, it is not for the weak. The standard offers a few options so that one can progress up the difficulty ladder. The compact [More Info]

Genuine Premium Quality Power Belt, at a Unrepeatable Price!

Genuine Premium Quality Power Belt, at a Unrepeatable Price! RRP $119.00 Sale Price $55.00 NZD(You save 64.00 NZD) ****FREE FREIGHT NZ WIDE **** Very limited stock! Only 250 available – Sorry trade not supplied Getstrength Premium Double Prong Powerlifting Belt is made from pliable suede leather. Heavy Duty Double prong buckle. Steel-riveted reinforced loop with [More Info]

New Front Squat Harness World Record – Dave Napper from Australia

Congratulations to Dave Napper, for smashing the Open Men’s under 120kg (264 lb) bodyweight Front Squat Harness World Record held by Getstrength gym member Steve Lousich since 2008. The open men’s record stood at 507lbs, Dave smashed it by 44 lbs with a nice deep 551 lb Front Squat with the GS Front Squat Harness on 21st [More Info]

Team GetStrength had an AMAZING 2015 NZPF Raw Powerlifting Nationals,

Team GetStrength had an AMAZING 2015 NZPF Raw Powerlifting Nationals, with a bunch of medals, records and personal bests! Carolina Dillen – Gold Open -63kg with 347.5kg total Zain Solanki – Bronze SubJR -74kg with 340kg total Steven Shi – Gold Open -66kg with 502.5kg total and NZ Squat Record Jak Tan – Gold JR [More Info]

Getstrength Gym Membership

24/7 Key based membership Our mission statement is to create and nurture great lifters regardless of ability, age, weight or gender. Promote safe lifting for long, successful careers. And to foster a strong culture of support and comradeship. Injury free lifting through correct technique and discipline You are not just joining a Gym, you are joining a [More Info]