Can You Run and Build Muscle at the Same Time?

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This is a question that plagues many athletes. Many people assume that running and weightlifting don’t work well together. If done right, these two sports in conjunction can help you achieve your fitness goals. Read on to learn more about running and building muscle simultaneously. The Short Answer: Yes You can absolutely run while gaining [More Info]

How to Increase Endurance if You’re Lifting Weights

Lifting weights helps you build your muscle strength, but if you want that strength to be beneficial in some other activities as well, such as group sports or running everyday errands, you have to build your endurance too. Your stamina plays a significant role in your overall fitness level and performance and to be able [More Info]

How to wrap your Knee’s for Heavy Squatting

Here is a very useful video filmed at the Getstrength Factory gym, the boys in action with their Knee Wrapping technique. The key point is to keep your leg straight while wrapping, it is very handy to get your training partner to help to keep your leg straight or even wrap your legs if you [More Info]

Week 2 – Power & Speed Program In Season

Power & Speed Program In Season Ashley Jones 2 sessions per week First Session (usually Monday or Tuesday) Warm up for 15 minutes with a range of movement drills and gradual increase in speed till you are at around 85% of top speed and are ready to go, say high knees, carioca, marching drills. You [More Info]


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Beat the Eleiko Price Rise! Eleiko Price Increase Jan 1st 2013

Beat the Eleiko Price Rise! Eleiko Price Increase Jan 1st 2013Hi Team, had to happen, we can no longer hold the best Eleiko price in the southern hemisphere. Eleiko Bounce Plates, Eleiko Powerlifting Cast Plates, Olympic and Power Bars, Full Sets and Racks will all have a price increase on Jan 1st 2013. Beat the [More Info]