Advanced Exercises with Eastern European Names: Part I

By Tony Boutagy   Many strength coaches have a well guarded secret. And that secret is this: strength exercises typically have boring and lackluster names. So to make them sound more interesting and exotic, the name of an Eastern Bloc country is added to the movement, transforming an ordinary squat into a Bulgarian Squat and [More Info]

Week 1 – Your Workout of the Week

Hey there, just watched a very interesting you tube of the Chinese weightliters at the national training camp, they were doing sumo stance high pulls, looked a very interesting variation, must give it a trial and see for myself, well worth anyone taking a look at what is actually done with Olympic lifters, as I [More Info]

Olympic Lifting vs Powerlifting Methods – Tom Mclaughlin

The following article is sure to provoke a steady flow of feedback, as it is a much disputed fact of strength development. Arguments will be presented from both views and I will then attempt to give readers my own personal opinion of what I feel to be the primary tool in improving strength levels. Olympic [More Info]