Treating Post-Workout Aches with Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana promises a host of benefits that can make it a new treatment for post-workout aches. Its pain-relieving effects have even led some users to posit CBD as a viable and healthier alternative to pharmaceuticals.


Here, we cover the differences between medical and recreational cannabis, the different strains, and the potential that CBD offers in easing your body aches and pains after a rigorous workout.


Recreational vs. Medicinal Marijuana


It’s crucial to know that recreational and medical cannabis are vastly different plants. The difference all comes down to their cannabinoids.


Tetrahydrocannabiolic Acid (THCA) is present in raw hemp with high THC content. When heated, the flowers produce the THC responsible for the psychoactive effect that’s commonly referred to as the “high.” THC-rich plants are what users of recreational marijuana will seek.


CBDA is present in hemp plants with high CBD content. The CBDA interacts with different receptors in your body, resulting in various positive effects. Some of the benefits include:

  • relieving pain
  • treating anxiety-based disorders such as PTSD due to its relaxing effect
  • helping people with chronic epilepsy manage the disease
  • relieving nausea

CBD cannabis doesn’t get you high, and its healing and pain-relieving properties have made it exciting for researchers of medicinal marijuana. You also can get CBD strains that have hardly any THC. As long as the CBD strain comes from hemp, it is legal throughout the country.


Introduction to Strains 


Cannabis has three species: Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis, although the last one is unique. Strains are to cannabis what DNA is to humans. This term generally refers to pure or blended varieties of the three original species.


Different strains have unique effects when consumed. The variety is the fun in cannabis consumption as there’s almost always a strain you haven’t experienced.


People often mix and match the two, or they get hybrids, which offer the benefits of both. Sativas tend to be more energizing, making them perfect for day-time consumption. Indicas have more mellowing effects, making them ideal for relaxing after a long day—or a strenuous workout.


Popular High CBD Indica Strains to Try Out


For easing aches and pains after a hard day at the gym, an Indica with CBD is your best bet for a relaxing and pain-relieving experience. Some of the top Indica strains with high CBD include:

  • Afghani CBD – used to cure stress and insomnia symptoms.
  • Haoma – a strain useful for pain relief without causing any effect on your psychoactive abilities. 
  • Remedy – a strain useful for PTSD patients; a calm and euphoric effect characterizes it.
  • Sweet Sour Widow – a strain recommended for stress and depression patients. It’s also ideal for beginners due to its calming and blissful effect.
  • Cherry Cough – a strain that boasts a tasty cherry flavor and induces mellow relaxation; for many users, it’s hands-down the best cherry CBD hemp strain.


Marijuana and Drug Abuse


The World Health Organization released a report saying that marijuana has little to no risk for addiction. With issues like the opioid epidemic gripping the nation, this announcement comes as a huge relief.


Unlike pharmaceuticals, CBD strains can offer pain-relieving properties without the risk of addiction. It’s an all-natural substitute that many health gurus prefer to pumping the body full of chemicals.



Bottom Line


With pharmaceutical products causing undesired side effects such as addiction, people are now turning to natural health solutions. This possibility of natural alternatives has created a new path to the perception of marijuana. With the best CBD strain today, you could be on your way to a natural choice for your post-workout aches.

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