Week 2 – Power & Speed Program In Season

Power & Speed Program In Season Ashley Jones 2 sessions per week First Session (usually Monday or Tuesday) Warm up for 15 minutes with a range of movement drills and gradual increase in speed till you are at around 85% of top speed and are ready to go, say high knees, carioca, marching drills. You [More Info]

Week 2 – Your Workout of the Week – Carl Jennings’ Blitz

Carl Jennings’ Blitz This was published on Canberra Raiders Web-site a few years back when he was conditioner for Matt Elliot. He has since followed him to Penrith Panthers. He began his association with Matt Elliot and Rugby League in general, at the Bradford Bulls in the UK Super League where he made them a [More Info]

Week 1 – Your Workout of the Week

Hey there, just watched a very interesting you tube of the Chinese weightliters at the national training camp, they were doing sumo stance high pulls, looked a very interesting variation, must give it a trial and see for myself, well worth anyone taking a look at what is actually done with Olympic lifters, as I [More Info]