Power Play

Power Play
Ashley Jones

A simple and basic approach to inseason power training for all sports specifically rugby. Alternate weekly between two different set/rep/load protocols.

In the first week utilize a schedule based on light and fast, an inter muscular co-ordination approach (Schmidtbliecher):

3 x 5 @ 60% of max, light and fast

The next week utilize a heavier load with attempted acceleration, even if the bar does not move fast you are still selectively recruiting the fast twitch motor units, an intra muscular co-ordination approach (Schmidtbliecher):

5 x 3 @ 80% of max, compensatory acceleration (Hatfield)

Now for the exercises, select one exercise from each group:


Explosive Rotational
Explosive Pull
Explosive Push
Explosive Squat
Hammer Push/Pull
Power Tackler
Rotational Jammer
Band Bench Press
Push Press
Band Squat
¼ Explosive Squat
Jump Squat

There are many derivations form these three exercises per group, so it is up to you to select the movements that provide you with the best results.

Ash Jones

Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones specialist in the physical preparation of rugby athletes. He has worked with professional sports teams that include Sydney Kings, Newcastle Knights, Parramatta Eels, Northern Eagles, Crusaders, New Zealand All Blacks, and Australian Wallabies. Irish by Ancestry, Australian by Birth, Japanese by Accident and a Kiwi by Choice.

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