Interval Training For Fitness/Fat Loss

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“Interval Training For Fitness/Fat Loss”

Whether it be inside the gym on the various pieces of computerised exercise equipment or outside in God’s gym the principles are the same. A greater intensity of effort can be applied during intermittent exercise protocols than can be maintained during a continuous bout of exercise. Sort of like the intensity variation between your hypertrophy training and maximal strength training. A caveat before we go any further, if you are over 35 and haven’t done much cardio training for a while check with your doctor and probably undergo an exercise stress test just to be on the safe side. Remember, you are adding this new training regime as a preventative health measure, start slowly and build into the intensity like any new program.


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My Top Five (5) Core Exercises for Athletic Performance

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Ashley Jones

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The Turkish Get Up
Lie on the floor, in a supine position (i.e. face up), next to an appropriate size kettlebell/dumbbell. Press the kettlebell/dumbbell vertically- directly above your shoulder. Once in position, keep your elbow locked, wrist straight, and your eyes on the implement. Sit up and bring your foot up the same side as your working arm close to your buttocks. Keeping your eyes on the weight, then push off your foot and come into a kneeling position on the opposite leg. It is okay to allow your free arm to assist slightly in sitting up. The main thing is to move slowly, keeping your working arm perpendicular to the ground and to finish in well supported position. Slowly straighten your torso, and then stand straight up, simply reverse the steps until you have reached your starting point.

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