Using all Three of the Competitive Weight Training Techniques Rugby-Training System

By Ashley Jones Have you wondered like I have if you can combine all the elements you love into one integrated training system. Yes, I think you can. I believe that each of the above lend themselves ideally to a prioritisation system throughout the year, I do not believe that you should drop off one [More Info]

Strength Training for Rugby/Rugby League Players

Ashley Jones International Strength Coach The attached strength program was specifically written for a Rugby prop forward but the philosophy and mechanics behind it make it applicable for any player wishing to increase their strength levels, irrespective of the position or the code that they play The role of the strength and conditioning coach is [More Info]

Lower Body Power & Strength

Lower Body Power & Strength Ashley Jones   These lower body programs originally came out of deciding to help out a great friend of mine with some advice for assisting with his burgeoning Cycling career. It also gave me an opportunity to gather my thoughts and to organize the many options I have programmed over [More Info]

Strength & Power Continuum Training – Ashley Jones

Strength & Power Continuum Training Ashley Jones Introduction Following on from some discussions I had with colleagues in the Northern Hemisphere during the Wallaby Spring Tour I though I would re-visit some strength programming concepts to cover all my bases on the Strength/Power continuum in each workout that I program.   Qualities The key areas that [More Info]

Off Season Training Plans

Off Season Training Plans – As another ITM Cup closes with a wonderful record-setting Off Season Training Plans Ashley Jones As another ITM Cup closes with a wonderful record-setting 5th title in a row to the Canterbury team, players, trainers and coaches minds will start turning to prepare for next season. Personally, I believe that [More Info]

Wave Goodbye to Strength Plateaus By Ashley Jones

Firstly let me start this article with a statement of philosophy, I believe we try and include way too many exercises in our training programs, I have been as guilty as the next trainer in doing this and believe we need to pull back but also increase the stimulus by increasing the overall number of [More Info]

Strength Workout 20/20 – Ashley Jones

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