Pushing and Pulling Workouts – By Ashley Jones

Here you go a final program that I have played around with and now like how it feels and fits into my scheme of things



Ashley Jones

Monday – Pull
Tuesday – Push
Wednesday – Squat
Thursday – Pull
Friday – Push
Saturday – Squat
Monday – Push/Pull
Tuesday – Squat
Wednesday – OFF
Thursday- Pull/Push
Friday – Squat
Weekend – OFF

Pulling Workout

Snatch combo as warm ups (a la Scmidt, USA weightlifting), reinforces technique as well
Blocks or from Hang day 1/Floor day 2 (single rep on each increasing weight till at working weight for power snatch or squat snatch
Power Snatch/Split Snatch(right leg forward)/Split Snatch(left leg forward)/Squat Snatch

These next elements can be done on a rotating basis off of blocks, hang or from floor, mix them up, also sets and reps are up to you to determine from what your goals and experiences are:

Day 1 – Power Snatch
Day 2 – Squat Snatch

Day 1 – Squat Clean
Day 2 – Power Clean

Day 1 – Snatch High Pulls then Snatch Grip Dead Lift
Day 2 – Clean Pulls then into Clean Grip Dead Lift

Day 1 & 2 – Chins(use different grips every workout and vary sets, reps and loads)


Next Installment – Pushing Workout, enjoy ash

Pushing Workout

DB Shoulder Circuit (15 reps each exercise) warm up 1 set of each, no rest between sets


Arnold Presses/Lateral Raise/Front Raise/Bent over Raise/YTI’s/Drawing the Swords/L Raise/Cuban Press/Overhead Shrug/Scarecrows
Overhead Pushing Combo
1 rep of each until you get up to your start weight for Push Press
Military Press/Push Press/Push Jerk/Split Jerk

Push Press (cluster Style) 3 x 5 with 10/15/20 secondss rest between reps
Rack Split Jerk 5 x 1 progressing on from last weight performed for push press cluster

Steep Incline (60 – 75 degrees) DB Press 30’s style – pick a weight you can get 6 – 8 reps with then resting only 30 seconds between sets complete 30 total reps with that weight

Seated DB Lateral Raises – same as above

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