Squat day change of 2nd Squatting movement

Front squat
There are many different ways to hold the bar, very good if you can get your elbows high enough to hold the bar in a Olympic clean position (across the front delt’s close to the throat).
If not, like me that’s not an option. All good if you have a GS front Squat Harness but if not, what can you do? Click here for Front Squat Options

The another alternative if those options don’t work is the Zercher Squat. Still an excellent way to fire the posterior chain. It does have it’s share of difficulties to perform as well, mainly being very rough inside of the elbows. A thick bar makes it a lot less painful or wrapping the bar with a thick towel also helps.

Zercher Lift below

2nd benching movement
Slow bench
a 1 2 3 4 count on the way down with a definite stop on the chest and a good push of the chest 3 to 5 reps

Dead lift
2nd movement
Putting in a Block Deadlift ( pulling the weight further) 50 to 100mm is fine and trying not to compromise form.start about 20kg down on your primary deadlift


Kevin Strachan

Kevin Strachan has been involved in Powerlifting and strength training for more then 30 years. He has been a NZ Champion and record holder (powerlifting) in 4 weights classes and 3 age divisions. Currently Masters (3) - 60 plus. Over the last 10 years he has dedicated his time to coaching some of NZ top powerlifters though to a world level. IPF Raw World Championships 2016 Squat - Bronze Bench - Bronze Deadlift - Bronze Total - Bronze 3 x NZ Powerlifting Master Records