HOW NOT TO KILL YOURSELF (Training for Masters) PART 4

Squat day change 3

14 week cycle
2nd squatting movement
Back squat to calve raise. We’re all different here but working up to around 20 kg down from your top set would be a good number.Why this movement ? As the weight is get heavier I find that my start position get further forward as set goes on,not a good thing.To calve raise you have to be upright so its just a body reminder Stay Upright and the change of thinking adds variation. 3 to 6 reps. 6 on the 1st set dropping to 3’s on the last. 4 sets is good

Squat day pulling movement
Sumo deadlift this is when the camera on your phone comes in handy.Set up as wind as is comfortable,staying as upright as possible and then using leg drive only pull to a finishing position,filming it to see how you’re going,(If you would like me have a look at your video i’m happy to do that as with any of training videos). It sounds easy but it can be a bit of a challenge.The weight isn’t that important here.better to keep it light and get the movement right.

Bench day change 3

2nd bench movement
Narrow bench with elbow in,so not to narrow.About shoulder width. the rep range of 6 to 3. 3 on the top sets x 2

Pull movement
double over hand bent over row.Keep this as strict as you can.5 rep sets

Deadlift day

2nd deadlift movement
Partial deadlift.Just to the knees,again sounds easy but its not.Very important to work your way up on this exercise. Maintaining form is far more important then weight. 3 rep sets

Pushing movement
3 stage back squat.
Split the squat into 3 positions on the way down.Stopping at each position for a 1 count and then up in 1 movement. 2 rep sets x 5

Kevin Strachan

Kevin Strachan has been involved in Powerlifting and strength training for more then 30 years. He has been a NZ Champion and record holder (powerlifting) in 4 weights classes and 3 age divisions. Currently Masters (3) - 60 plus. Over the last 10 years he has dedicated his time to coaching some of NZ top powerlifters though to a world level. IPF Raw World Championships 2016 Squat - Bronze Bench - Bronze Deadlift - Bronze Total - Bronze 3 x NZ Powerlifting Master Records