Stephan Korte 3 x 3 Training Program

Author Ashley Jones

Stephan Korte came up with a system of training for Powerlifting called the 3 x 3, if you have not read his work it is well worth a look to see an excellent system, strengthonline is where he has published or google him up and have a look, my 3 x 3 x 3 system is somewhat different, if you have been following my workouts of the week over the last wee while you will see they have evolved to this over time. I have always been a programmer who is minimalist to get the most work done in the shortest period of time, using a pull movement, a push movement and a squat movement will cover the entire body in a co-ordinated total body program:


3 x 3 x 3 system

3 week cycle change the movements every 3 weeks for maximum effect

3 sessions per week on non continuous days, ideally Monday – Wednesday – Friday, then a weekend free

3 Movement areas per session, Pull (I prefer the Olympic variations), Push (usually overhead for me) and Squat

This is the current program


Box Squats

Power Snatch/Power Clean Combo

Push Press


Split Snatch

Front Squat/Back Squat Combo

Rack Jerks


Squat Cleans

Military Press/Push Press Combo

Simmons Combo Good Morning

I will hold this program with a variety of sets and reps over 3 weeks then change the exercises but keep a similar structure, continually mixing up the protocols. This will continue for 4 different cycles or 12 weeks in total then take a week off and stay out of the gym, have a change of pace and then charge back in for the next 12 week program.

Hope it works for you, cheers, ashley

Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones specialist in the physical preparation of rugby athletes. He has worked with professional sports teams that include Sydney Kings, Newcastle Knights, Parramatta Eels, Northern Eagles, Crusaders, New Zealand All Blacks, and Australian Wallabies. Irish by Ancestry, Australian by Birth, Japanese by Accident and a Kiwi by Choice.

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