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Stephan Korte came up with a system of training for Powerlifting called the 3 x 3, if you have not read his work it is well worth a look to see an excellent system, strengthonline is where he has published or google him up and have a look, my 3 x 3 x 3 system is somewhat different, if you have been following my workouts of the week over the last wee while you will see they have evolved to this over time. I have always been a programmer who is minimalist to get the most work done in the shortest period of time, using a pull movement, a push movement and a squat movement will cover the entire body in a co-ordinated total body program:


3 x 3 x 3 system

3 week cycle change the movements every 3 weeks for maximum effect

3 sessions per week on non continuous days, ideally Monday – Wednesday – Friday, then a weekend free

3 Movement areas per session, Pull (I prefer the Olympic variations), Push (usually overhead for me) and Squat

This is the current program


Box Squats

Power Snatch/Power Clean Combo

Push Press


Split Snatch

Front Squat/Back Squat Combo

Rack Jerks


Squat Cleans

Military Press/Push Press Combo

Simmons Combo Good Morning

I will hold this program with a variety of sets and reps over 3 weeks then change the exercises but keep a similar structure, continually mixing up the protocols. This will continue for 4 different cycles or 12 weeks in total then take a week off and stay out of the gym, have a change of pace and then charge back in for the next 12 week program.

Hope it works for you, cheers, ashley

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