Well I think it was either Thibadeau or Waterbury who may have discussed this idea of training on T – nation a wee while ago but my training partner, Luke and I tried it today and really believe it will be the way we go for a good block of training in the new year, particularly with our modified Olympic lifting and squatting movements, it also expands on the Rule of 24 as well, in that it adds a further option for you to program with if you have the time and access to gym and equipment. This is what we did today:

6:30am – Power Snatch off of the high blocks 6 x 4, Safety bar squats 6 x 4

1:30pm – Power Clean off of the medium blocks 4 x 6, Cambered bar squats 4 x 6

we will play around with the sets and reps and will use either a 6 x 4 or an 8 x 3 approach in the am workout and then either a 4 x 6 or a 3 x 3 approach in the pm workout, of course, you could apply this to all aspects of your training, have fun in the planning and then in putting the plan into practice, go well, ashley

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