Week 31 – Your Workout of the Week – Kitchen Circuit

Having just ripped my kitchen out and it being an open empty space I took the oppurtunity to escape from my gym in the cellar and do a conditioning circuit to give me a good blow out- Snow/ Ice bound northern England has meant we’ve been unable to train or play for the last 2 weeks and I felt a tough session for the mind as well as the body was needed.

Here Goes:-

First 200 reps, 10kg wtd vest worn.

40 hindu squats
40 20kg KB Snatches( 20 each arm)
40 Press-Ups( I used press up handles as I have issues with one wrist from an old injury)
40 Rev. Lunges( Alt. legs)
40 20kg KB Clean+Press( 20 each arm)

Lose the vest then repeat through with 20 reps on each exercise.

You should go through the lot with as little rest as possible and you should be gasping by the end.

Enjoy- or rather don’t when the DOMS set in.
yed bawon

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