Lockout Tricep Power Workout

Rack Lock-Outs – Pins set at 3 inches off the chest. Bar used 2.5 Inch Thick Bar – Work up to a max single min 8 Sets Improve your Bench Press Lockout

Cambered Bench Bar down to a 1 inch Block – (Tempo 2-1 ) 5 x 5

Close Grip BB Bench – Elbows in, weight out in front i.e away from neck 3 x 15 (short rest)

D.B Tricep Extensions 10 x 10 (10-15 sec rest) Mixing Elbows in/out

#3 Band Pushdowns 2 x 20

Bentover Rows 8,7,6,5,4,8

Steve Thompson

Team Getstrength

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