Week 24 – Your Workout of the Week

3 players did the following upper body workout today:

A1) Wide Grip Pull-Ups: Max Reps. Rest 10s
A2) Medium Grip Pull-Ups: Max Reps. Rest 10s
A3) Chin-Ups: Max Reps. Rest 10s.
A4) Close Grip Chin-Ups (hands touching): Max Reps.
Rest 120s. Repeat once more for a total of 2 sets.

B1) Incline DB Press (neutral grip) 12,10,8,6,4 (weight increase each set). Once through.

C1) DB Rows on 38kgs. 2xMax Reps

D1) 100 Push-Ups
D2) 100 Band Pull Aparts


All 3 players started on 8-12 for the wide grip pull-ups and finished on 2-3 close grip chin-ups. It is advisable that anyone attempting the first part of the workout can do 12 strict chin-ups.

The workout took 50 minutes and is very demanding. The aims were to train strength and hypertrophy. As we are approaching our first league game (Sunday 7th vs Bath) we are down to 3 strength sessions per week. Trying to keep the players hard earned mass on from pre-season is a mission!


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