Week 4 – Counterbalanced Program

Hi everyone, well the wilds of Hokkaido have been good for me, and yes when you read running I was actually running, and today i feel like i was hit by a truck on the way home, do not know if I will ever enjoy it as much as lifting Chris and Lou but I may pen a new adage, “lift for my head and run for my heart” cheers, ash

Counterbalanced Program

Ashley Jones

Firstly, an apology, you know after a while you read so many articles on various web sites and in journals and magazines, you end up regurgitating information or re-packaging that information in a slightly different format. So I am not 100% sure if what you about to read has been said before but if came to me as I was running back from training the other day, so in my delirious state I may have inadvertently plagiarized another author, if I have I humbly apologise and take full responsibility and will ensure the lawful author is credited with the ideas and concepts below.

Main core movement for Strength and/or Power:

12 x 2

8 x 3

6 x 4

Supplemental accessory exercise for Size and/or Strength:

2 x 12

3 x 8

4 x 6

Pull, Push & Squat Protocol using a different combination on three non sequential days each week, after a general warm up and specific warm ups on each exercise do the following work sets, on the first exercise of each couplet you can step load the sets, or you can maintain the load for as long as you can before you may have to decrease, you can wave load the resistance, you can rest/pause each set, on the second exercise just maintain the load for the listed number of sets, you may need a spot for the last one or two reps but that is fine, at least you know you are pushing the envelope. Again my bias for Olympic movements comes through but you can substitute other pulling movements, like, Deadlift, Weighted Chins, Bentover Row, or the like for the main pulling movement of each training session.


Squat Snatches 12 x 2

Reverse Hypers 2 x 12

Push Press 8 x 3

DB Shoulder Press 3 x 8

Back Squat 6 x 4

DB Step Ups 4 x 6


Power Cleans 8 x 3

Clean Pulls 3 x 8

Military Press 6 x 4

High Incline DB Press 4 x 6

Snatch Grip Squat 12 x 2

DB Walking Lunges 2 x 12


Power Snatch from Blocks 6 x 4

Snatch Grip Dead Lifts 4 x 6

Rack Split Jerks 12 x 2

Hand Stand Push Ups 2 x 12

Front Squats 8 x 3

Bulgarian (Sprinters) Squat 3 x 8

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