Week 36 – Your Workout of the Week (inseason size program)

Hi, I’m not a trainer just figured id post my weeks training on Ash’s inseason size program.

Monday AM Chest+Back
Notes: Trained at Home, Grip and biceps still a bit tired from saturdays game.

Bench Press 112.5kg x 5,3 110kg x 5,5,5
supersetted with
Weighted Chins 125 kg x 5,2 124x 3 123×2 121 x 4 ( Would have dropped more weight off but i was confusing my pound weights with my kilo weights)

Incline Bench Press 92.5 kg x 4,3 (changed to incline db because i wasnt happy with the stabibility of my bench press on incline setting) 31.6kg x 12,10,6

didnt superset because of a lack of plates to share

BB Row 120 x 0 strange this was rather conservative i thought, suppose just tired, 100x 4,4 110 x 4,4 105 x4,4

BTW do not have a bacon and egg breakfast before trying this, lol

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