Week 7 – Your Workout of the Week (Killer)

Now Guys this was an absolute killer but well worth a workout of the week mention, it will take me days to recover from this but I am an old man now:

Overhead Box Squat with light bands 5 x 1

Front Box Squat with medium bands 4 x 2

Back Squat with strong (heavy) bands 3 x 3

Also one of my players did box squats the other day with the belt squat machine it was well thought out, so now it is called the Frank’s Squat, in his honour, cheers, ash


Just a few quick questions Ash, what kind of load and type of rest periods did use in that session? Also how many warm-up sets did you use for each exercise.




Hi Tom, 2 warm up sets for the overhead squat then each set after that works as a specific warm up for the next ones, rest periods were less than 60 seconds per set, I used 50 kg for the last set of overhead squats, then 60kg for the fronts and 70kg for the backs, cheers, ashley

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