Re: Advice / help on program


Hi Iestyn, good effort keeping your program on track and all for the 6
weeks, looking through your plan for th enext wee while I have a few
comments that I hope you will be able to incorporate:

Firstly, I have come to believe that there is not a lot of use doing
upper body power, so your pm workout chest power on a Tuesday I would
leave out, the reason I believe this is in rugby any upper body power is
first generated through the lower body then transferred through the
core, so I believe more in a full body power, unless you want to do some
speed bench press with bands or chains, or weight releasers and then you
can do that as your first exercise on a chest day

Also I am a big believer in keeping weekends free so I would take the
sled sprints out of Saturday and move them across to a lower body day
and so them as a primer for the lower body, so your program would look a
little more like this:

*Monday* – Lower body strength /power – Sled Sprints, Clean jump
contrasts/ front squat jump contrasts/ good morning – interval rowing
/ bike

*Tuesday *- Upper body strength / size – Bench Press, Bent Over Row,
Bradford Military combo then upper body endurance/fat loss circuit
continuous for 10 minutes (chins, Dips, Fat Man’s chins, Hindu Push ups)

*Wednesday* – Beastly speed intervals

*Thursday* – Upper body strength / size – Incline Bench Press, Weighted
Chins, Seated DB Shoulder Press, 3 way DB Shoulder Raise then Tabatta

*Friday* – Lower upper body Power / strength – Sled Sprints, Snatch
jump contrasts/ 1/4 Explosive squat jump contrasts/ Romanian Dead
Lifts – interval rowing / bike


Cheers, ash

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