Re: Advice / help on program


Hi Ash
Next week will be the 6th week of following the program above. It’s been tough but very enjoyable and I have made some gains, great psychologically too for pushing yourself! In terms of body fat I can visually see it has reduced, friends say I look leaner too. I still have a bit to go on the body fat front. Diet has been good and I have given up the alcohol during this period.

Pre season training with the rugby club will start at the beginning of July and I am concerned I haven’t got any real power / strength work into my lower / upper body. With my main goal of still dropping body fat is there a way I can work these two objectives into my program? I have also been given a sprint sled on a long term loan that I would like to make use of.

Would this work……?

Monday – Lower body strength /power

Clean / front squat / good morning jump contrasts – interval rowing / bike

Tuesday – Upper body strength / size

A.M Chest / back – Strength
P.M Chest / back – power

Tabatta intervals

Wednesday – Beastly speed intervals

Thursday – Shoulder circuit Tabatta intervals

Friday – Lower upper body Power / strength

Snatch / squat / dead lift jump contrasts, bench – interval rowing / bike

Saturday – Sled sprint

What do you think? Look forward to your suggestions!