Re: Ben’s Training log


Comp day

For reference my previous gym pb’s before starting the training cycle were:
127.5kg*5 squat
140*1 touch an go bench
220*1 deadlift

Attempt 1: 170 easy
Attempt 2: 185 good
Attempt 3: 195 good lift, had more in the tank
Ben 195kg squat @ 109kg – YouTube

Depth on all were good, i just need to work on staying more upright during the next cycle

Attempt 1: 140 easy opener
Attempt 2: 147.5 form was terrible on this but managed to muscle through
Attempt 3: 152.5 good lift. form was a lot better this time and left a bit in the tank
Ben benchpress 152.5kg @ 109kg – YouTube

Attempt 1: 230 very easy opener, got lucky as i nearly jumped the down signal
Attempt 2: 247.5 better form this time
Attempt 3: 255 good lift, had plenty more in the tank.
need to work on keeping my hips down an using leg drive better
Ben benchpress 152.5kg @ 109kg – YouTube

Total 602.5kg @ 108.98 kg bw

I was happy to get 9/9 lifts as that was the goal coming in to the contest. Thanks to kevin and the team at get strength for all the help leading up to the comp and john for doing my wraps on the day. I’m looking forward to Auckland champs and improving on my total.

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