Re: Big Off Season


OKay Matty, thanks for your question, a lot of detail to cover for your program, I would put you into the users category for speed training, so major components will be agility and acceleration with top end speed in there as well as a third priority, I also prefer to use a hypertrophy program specifically on the upper body, and for the lower body live by the maxim of: train for power and strength and appropriate size will follow. hope you find it useful, cheers, ashley

Mon: speed then lower power upper strength


Speed Session

Dynamic warm up drills for 10 – 15 minutes

Ladders: forward & lateral series

Hurdles: lateral series, march, skip, run 10m accelerate out


Select 2 drills and do 75 foot contacts

1. Bounding x 40m

2. Power Skip x 40m

3. Single leg hop L to 22m R to 50m repeat with reverse distances

4. Power Jumps

5. Vertical Tuck jumps

6. Single leg rebound vertical jumps


Select 3 drills from the sheet and do 10 minutes of these walk back recoveries between each repetition, go to archives here or google up agility drills and you will find quite a few to choose from.


Accelerations from different starts 20 metres maximum distance for 10 minutes:

3 point stance

lying on chest

lying on back

lying on back roll to left and roll to right

hurdle jump & go

standing facing opposite direction

chip kick regather then go

grubber kick regather and go


Lower Body Power option

2 x Full Body exercises do a jump exercise after each set

2 x Squat do a jump exercise after each set

Week 1: 3 x 5 reps @ 60% 3 x 10 contrast plyometrics

Week 2: 4 x 4 reps @ 70% 4 x 8 contrast plyometrics

Week 3: 5 x 3 reps @ 80% 5 x 6 contrast plyometrics

Lower Body Plyometrics Jump Options:

Knees to feet jump, Jump onto Box, Depth Jump, Repeat Hurdle Jumps, Band Jump outs, Tuck Jumps, Side to Side jumps, Hops

Upper Body

1x Vertical Push/Pull

1x Horizontal Push/Pull

Week 1: 6,5,4 Week 2: 5,4,3 Week 3: 4,3,2

Tues: anaerobic fitness

Repeated Speed Session

5 minute continuous run then;

2,470 m in 31 minutes

20 x 22m every 15 secs – 2 min walk recovery

15 x 50m every 30 secs – 2 min walk recovery

10 x 78m every 45 secs – 2 min walk recovery

5 x 100m every 60 secs – finish

Wed: Rest

Thurs: speed lower strength

Speed Session

Full Movement Warm up 10 minutes

Ladders – forward series

Hurdles – 2 x march, 2 x skip, 2 x run 10m accelerate


MB throw sprint 10 metre x 10 walk backs

Double leg jumps for distance 5 x 5 10m sprint x 10 walk backs

Top End Speed

2 sets x 10 x 5m build 20m fly slow walk backs between each rap and 3 minutes between sets

Lower Body Strength

1x Olympic

1x Squat

1x Single Leg

1x Hamstring

Week 1: 6,5,4 Week 2: 5,4,3 Week 3: 4,3,2

Friday: aerobic fitness upper size

Aerobic Intervals

5 minute warm up jog, then;

20 x 40secs run 20secs rest distance based on 110% of VO2 max from 2,400m time trial range 150m to 220m, based on 2.4km time trial eg if you run 8 mins 24 secs for the 2.4km then it is 4.76metres per second so 10% equals a speed of 5.24 metres per second, so in 40 seconds you would run 210 metres.

5 minute jog.


Hill Repeats

Drive to Hill and position cars at various distances up the hill, easy 5minute warm up run

10 x 60secs/45secs/30secs/15secs 1:1 work:rest ratio

Size Program (Upper Body only)

1x Push/Pull Bar Week 1; 12/10/8 Week 2: 10/8/6 Week 3: 8/6/4

1x Push/Pull DB`s Week 1: 15/12/10 Week 2: 12/10/8 Week 3: 10/8/6

1 x Push/Pull BW Rep count method depending on exercise eg 50 Dips and 25 Chins