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Re: Bigger, Stronger, Quicker The Eternal triangle of conditioning to play back row in Ru


@sexyopenside 806 wrote:

Hello Ash
Just a few questions on regarding the Power workouts. Would these exercises be ok?
Power Clean with box jumps after each set.
Band box squat with zig zag jumps.
Band bench press with meb ball slams
Push press with plyometric press ups and the full body strengh
Hang snatch
Front squats
Dead Lifts
2 x push and pull

As I have put 4 kg lean muscle on would one session of push and pull be enough to maintain the lean muscle that I have put on?

As the Wednesday work outs, What is flag football and would you alternative the full body strenghth and beastly circuits each week.

As we dont do many conditioning games, would you suggest repeated speed instead. By the way I love the rowing session you sugguested, really hard!

Many thanks again.

Hey there,

yes indeed those exercise options with plyometrics and also for the full body strength are perfect for you, in season you can get away with just one push pull
but I would leave 2 in there for the next wee while.

Flag football is just touch football but you have velcro flags stuck to a belt around your waist on either side of your hips so if one of these is yanked free
you know you have been tagged, no problems at all in alternating the strength and the beastly circuits.

I would really encourage you to get into the games as they are quite specific, but if you can not then definitely go with repeated speed and also some in gym
options on the rower, hope it all continues to go well, ash