Re: Calculating 1rep max with the harness? “Top Sets”?


@getstrength 1974 wrote:

Hello Quick question do you have a formula for calculating 1rep max with the harness? Also what is meant by “Top Sets”

[FONT=arial, sans-serif]Hi there, No calculation on that one sorry, normally you can get 20-40 kg over the top of 3 rep max but this really depends on body weight and experience.[/FONT]

TOP Sets – mean top weight, If you need to do 3 top sets on 80%, i.e if 80% is 80kg , you might complete a warm-up of the following, 20kg for 1 set, 40kg for 1 set, 60 kg for 1 set, (warm up finish) then the top set if is 80kg (3 x 80kg TOP SETS)

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