Re: Football Conditioning Philosophies.


Hello all, sorry have not been able to contribute as of late due to serious laptop malfunctions and some intervention by ash and steve.

I happened to work in a rugby league and soccer club at the same time for 3 years, and i have to agree with a lot of the posts, soccer is very traditional and tend to stick to training methods that has been passed down through the generations. Also the schedule is fairly full but the clubs dont look at small 10-15 minute pockets of conditioning to improve/maintain as the long season progresses. There is also a propensity in soccer to do “speed/Sprints” at the end of a 60-90 minute football session ???????
My experience of soccer (both premiership and division 3 ) is that the players have a very low training age in the gym, with limited understanding in the benefits of weights, which is not normally supported by the head coach which makes the task even harder.

Because i made both the league team and the soccer team train in same centre and posted their testing scores on the walls of the training centre, it highlighted the vast s c gulf between the 2 codes.


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