Re: Football Conditioning Philosophies.


I would have to agree that the schedule in season makes it very difficult to get any strength/power work done, and the amount of running done in training and games would negate any emphasis on hypertrophy gains particularly if the weights lifted are not stressing adaptation, but I agree there would appear to be certain positions that being more powerful in would be a major advantage, strikers, defenders and goal keepers come to mind, your question is a good one and was once explained to me by a basketball s & c coach in the US working with an NBA team they did basically just machine work, he did not want to injure anyone and get sacked so he took the option of a program with minimum risk of injury, maybe that is why football s & c coaches do not push the higher threshhold training, also tradition has a lot to do with training and often coaches just train the way they were trained, when the Bulls were on top they did a lot of strength and power training, they also had Michael Jordan playing, so maybe it will take a Chelsea or Manchester United or a Real Madrid to win and for it to come out that they have a big emphasis on strength and power training, I have been told that this year is the first that Chelsea has had a s & c coach, please correct me if you know this not to be true, I personally believe that they are missing out on a distinct advantage by not pursuing olympic related movements, cheers, ashley