Re: Full-time worker routine


Hey ash,

Just completed week 6 of the routine. Ive been making some good gains over these weeks. Firstly Ive been able to put on about 5 pounds and remained fairly lean, amazingly even though it doesn’ t relate to the program but ive grown in height another cm and im 22?? pretty weird. So now im sitting at about 6’5 and 103kg.

But most importantly my lifts have increased quite dramatically and ive been able to hit some PB’s almost every workout, which hasn’t happened for a long time. For example:

During the 5/3/1 protocol:
Military Press 12.5kg
Incline BB 10kg
Flat BB (although i did weighted dips one week) 5 kg

Split Squat 15kg
Front Squat 15kg
Squat 10kg

so at the moment im pretty stoked with the results im getting. A question i do have is that ive been pushing myself these past weeks and was wondering if i should lay off a little for the start of next week?

and do you think i should change some of the exercises by just doing the DB alternatives?

very interesting to see what you think of the progress as far!

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