Re: Full-time worker routine


Hi Belltower, this was often a problem in rugby before we went full time professional and could devote all our energies to specific training, and in amateur rugby the demands of a full time job does impact greatly on your ability to train, what I would start with, is to really see how much training you need to get results not how much your bodies can tolerate, also nutrition plays a massive role in this case even more so than a full time training program, so thermos flasks of easily digested protein and carb mixes is important to keep your calories up. Initially I would back to 2 or 3 sessions per week, and keep the weights high and the reps low, nothing over 6 reps for the immediate future, just stick to either the basic pull, push , squat plan or the triple treat options that I have posted, say, either;

Day 1(Tuesday): Overhead Squat/Front Squat/Back Squat Military Press/Incline Bench Press/Flat Bench Press
5/3/1 protocol

Day 2(Saturday): Dead Lift only 6 to 8 sets of 6 rep options style


Mon: Weighted Chins (4 x 6), INcline Bench Press (6 x 4), Back Squat (4 x 6)

Wed: Font Squat (6 x 4), Bench Press (8 x 3), Bentover Row (8 x 3)

Fri: Deadlift (8 x 3), Military Press (4 x 6), Upright Row (6 x 4)

Hope this gives you an idea or two to work with let me know if we can tweak it a little more, cheers, ash