Re: GPP – Strength & Cond


A lot and maybe too much variation for such a young training age group, I would include more quality gym based strength work and maybe rotate the other options one day a week, say 2 full body strength days and one variation day on say Wed to break it up, say week 1 – Kettlebells, week 2 – strongman, week 3 – body weight exercises and repeat this cycle twice over 6 weeks, I would also put in a solid speed session and some repeated speed after it or move that to after the GPP, as well as the GPP day you has as well, cheers, ash

Monday – speed session then full body strength
1 x Olympic
1 x squat
1 x hamstring/lower back
1 x horizontal push & pull super set

Wednesday – Variations Day
week 1 – kettlebells
week 2 – strongman
week 3 – body weight exercsies

Thursday – GPP session repeated speed session

Friday – full body strength day
1 x Olympic
1 x unilateral squat
1 x hamstring/lower back
1 x vertical push & pull super set

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